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Meet Emily Ann Rideout.

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Emily Ann Rideout, 22, would do anything to protect her 16 year-old sister from predators and assorted scumbags like one Tommy Lee Raymond. One night in Midland, Texas, after her manhunt along I-20 past Abilene, she proves it. 

Pray for Tommy Lee.

 Police said: "We can't arrest Tommy Lee, unless he do somethin', Miss Emily. He ain't done nuthin' yet."

—They said wait, and call when somethin' happened...


The Confessions of Emily © 2015 Gene Cartwright


In upper North Central Texas, along I-20, 16 year-old Amy Jo Rideout has gone missing—believed kidnapped by 46 year-old Tommy Lee Raymond—a shiftless, worthless, mother-moocher. Word is, Ol' Tommy Lee is headed west, past Abilene, and towards Midland and beyond.

 Emily Ann,  Amy Jo's 22 yr-old sister and guardian, who is convinced Tommy Lee is responsible for the murder of her late mother—his former girlfriend, "acquires" a car, and gives chase. 

May God be with Tommy Lee.

"The Confessions of Emily" is an intense, edge-of-the-seat journey effected by the limitless devotion, personal sacrifice, and unconditional love that a determined young woman has for her 16 year-old kid sister, and only living relative.  

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Tommy Lee's Ol' heap.



Emily's desperate search route to Midland, Texas


Born and raised in North Central, Texas and parts of West Texas, Emily Ann Rideout, 22, reeled from the self-inflicted death of her alcoholic father, Webster, and not long thereafter,  the murder of her late mother, Lee Ann, who, following Emily's father's death, gave birth to a her sister, Amy Jo (now 16): "father unknown."

Before her death, Lee Ann looked for love in all the wrong places, with all the wrong 'snakes,' especially one Tommy Lee Raymond—a smooth-talking mother-moocher with a line of bullshit longer than a trip to Mars. 

Lee Ann Rideout's body was found one night, laid across Burlington-Northern railroad tracks, with a needle stuck in her right arm. Lee Ann was right-handed, and there were no old needle marks anywhere on her person. Most telling, was the ligature marks around her keck. The Coroner ruled it a homicide. Lee Ann's murder was never solved. Emily blamed Tommy Lee, and said as much, and often. 

Lee Ann Rideout murder scene (morning after)

With her parents dead, and left to care for her sister, Emily Ann was forced to quit school, delay her dream of becoming a lawyer,  and take odd jobs. Her introverted nature and mistrust of most humans never made her socially popular. She didn't give a damn about that. She did her work and kept to herself.

Emily was toughened by the experience; she learned to battle lecherous predators and nere-do-well scoundrels, with little help from anyone. Having rebuffed Tommy Lee's advances, Emily seethed, and warned him, when he turned his sights on Amy Jo.

Bad Move!